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Collagen Boost Cream

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Would you like to DOUBLE the collagen in your skin and turn back the clock with one product?

Collagen, Elastin and HA (Hyaluronic Acid) are the goodies deep in our skin that give us that bouncy youthful appearance. They deplete with age but fortunately we can kick-start our skin into producing its own building blocks on a cellular level.

Collagen Boost Cream is a plant based, vegan day and night moisturiser for all skin types. No need for extra serums and creams.

Benefits: The active ingredients in Collagen Boost can DOUBLE your collagen (that plumped bounce in the skin we all want) and promote HA (Hyaluronic Acid) which keeps our skin hydrated and our collagen healthy. It helps to naturally lift the skin and fill in those pesky lines and folds.

Directions: You don't need much, just a pea sized amount for the face and neck and this is safe to use around the eyes too.