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Collagen Boost Cream

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Would you like to DOUBLE the collagen in your skin and turn back the clock with one product?

This cream is smarter than your average moisturiser in many ways. Why?

* Increases collagen in your skin up to 200%

* Tricks the skin into producing higher quality collagen, replacing the weaker strands with a younger matrix

* Stimulates our own HA for deep hydration and more plump skin

* Packed with antioxidants to prevent DNA damage and repair damaged skin

* Suitable for all genders and skin types including sensitive, acne prone and dry

* Safe to use around the eyes, no need for extra products 

Collagen, Elastin and HA (Hyaluronic Acid) are the building blocks deep in our skin that give us that bouncy youthful appearance. They deplete with age but fortunately we can kick-start our skin into producing its own building blocks on a cellular level.

Collagen Boost Cream is a plant based, vegan day and night moisturiser for all skin types. No need for extra serums and creams.

Benefits: The active ingredients in Collagen Boost can DOUBLE your collagen (that plumped bounce in the skin we all want) and promote HA (Hyaluronic Acid) which keeps our skin hydrated and our collagen healthy. It helps to naturally lift the skin, improving the quality of collagen and fills in those pesky lines and folds.

Directions: You don't need much, just a pea sized amount for the face and neck and this is safe to use around the eyes too.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Julie Harper
Collagen boost cream

Love this cream on its own or mixed with one of the serums . Absorbs into the skin really well leaving it silky smooth. Great product


This is incredible stuff! Lovely product and I wouldn’t use anything else nice. Hydrates and refreshes without being greasy! Worth every penny!

Luxurious texture

This cream is a perfect addition to my skincare routine, decided to give it a try after sampling at a local fair.

Initially I was sceptical, but now I’ve used it for just over a week the skin around my eyes and on my forehead feels more moisturised, smoother and looks healthier.

This collagen boost cream is a godsend ,thank you Louise

best ever moisturiser

This moisturiser is so good. I've been using it once or twice a day for only 4 days so far but already I can confirm it is the best moisturiser I've ever used.

I often find moisturisers, particularly any with an anti-aging element can give me spots as my skin isn't dry, can feel heavy or if they don't give me spots, they're so light I don't actually notice a difference.

This one doesn't clog my pores, yet my skin feels and looks plumper, more springy and just more youthful.
It gives me confidence wearing it.

This really is an amazing product and the producer - Louise really is talented.

I hope to see her range on Dragons Den one day ;)

Highly recommend

I have just ordered my second tub of this collagen boost cream as I saw such a big difference very quickly when I started using it. The cream itself feels light and you really don't need much. I can definitely see the difference in the morning if I haven't used it the night before! I'm a total convert!!!