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Frankincense & Immortelle Repair Serum - Arthritis Relief

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100% natural, anti-inflammatory soothing pain relief serum specifically designed to target many kinds of aches and pains.

Originally made for my 86 year Granddad who is 96 this year. He uses this daily on his arthritic hips and knees and can't be without it.

Just massage into the affected area for around 30 seconds until the skin is warm and looking moisturised. 

You can apply anywhere on the body for fast acting relief. 

Also helps address skin concerns such as scars, spots, cuts, grazes and minor burns.

Who can use it? Everyone. Suitable for all skin types. 

Application: For sore joints, ligaments, muscles or anywhere that is causing you discomfort, massage 1-2 pumps (or 5-6 drops) into the affected area at least twice a day. For best results apply each night before sleeping within your routine. To use as a daily moisturiser, use this serum alone or add a drop to your plant based cream for an extra nourishing boost.

Fact: The components in Frankincense are said to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relief) properties. They may also help reduce autoimmune responses and prevent cartilage damage. We can inhale frankincense or apply directly to the skin.

Key Ingredients: Frankincense, Immortelle, Juniper, Andiroba, Rosehip CO2 Extract, Apricot, Rosemary Antioxidant, Vitamin E.

Tip: Use a drop with your Prickly Pear & Shea Hydrator to create a lovely rich night treatment. 

*Freer Skincare use maximum safe concentrations of essential oils in all our products. The combination of essential oils and carrier oils delivers the maximum possible benefits within minutes where it's needed the most.

Avoid or use with caution on broken skin. Always test patch first.